On Page SEO – Keywords Are Important, But Don’t Forget Keyword Research

The most critical element of any website is the keywords. So how do you choose keywords to use in your articles? While there are plenty of good SEO articles out there on the Internet, many fail to address these issues.

On Page SEO

So what is On Page SEO? Simply put, this is content optimization that is centered around the words, phrases and key phrases that you want to appear in the search engines. Keywords and their related phrases are SEO text or meta tags that you can apply to your site.

When selecting keywords for your articles, you have to understand how the search engines work. Just as with all content on your website, the words you use are included within a two or three word phrase, but what you want to avoid is getting more than three or four words into the equation.

You must remember that Google and other search engines are looking for those phrases and key phrases to look for when they are indexing the pages. If you use too many words, chances are your website will be ignored. That is why it is important to select a few short and simple keyphrases, and avoid long, complicated keywords.

When you think about it, a keyword, when included within one or two words, is actually a short statement of what you want your site to be about. It’s a short description that brings your content to life, bringing your visitors to a more personal level. Google will take that one word statement and put it within a larger keyword phrase, but it doesn’t want to include anything else in the big one or two word phrases.

Using too many keywords is like saying to Google, “Come here! I want you to dig through my site and find everything that I have on here!” It’s unprofessional and not good at all for your business. While you may be able to produce a few decent articles using a handful of keywords, it will do you no good in the long run.

This is the most important element of SEO. Articles are not just about keywords. They should be well written and informative, bringing people to your website.

No matter how well optimized your site may be, your content can never compete with an article that has excellent on page SEO. That’s why the best SEO article writers do a lot of keyword research before they write an article. When keywords are used correctly, they help you get noticed in a way that an article may not.

Choosing a few specific, but relevant keywords for your articles should be your first step. You should also take the time to consider what other websites in your niche are using as keywords. This will give you a good idea of what is out there and what people are searching for.

While keywords are helpful, and we all know the importance of them, they aren’t enough for on page SEO. Besides the keywords, the keyword density of your website is important as well.

The keywords are important, but if the article is cluttering up the page, blocking the reader, or if it is not interesting to the reader, it won’t do you any good with a SEO audit. So be sure to take care of your keywords in your content. Make sure they are properly implemented and also make sure that you have good backlinks to your website.

Remember that your keywords are just as important as your articles, so don’t neglect them and keep looking for more to write more articles. Doing both can help you achieve excellent results with a little bit of on page SEO.