SEO Audit Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEM) audits are generally done for a specific aim, like achieving a better ranking in SERPs, or increasing traffic to a website. However, there is a need to do such an audit at regular intervals because this enables businesses to know their strengths and weaknesses that affect their ability to achieve their goals. Such checks also help identify new or potential opportunities that may exist in the area of SEM. It also helps businesses in improving the current business strategies, which ultimately benefits them in the long run. Thus, it is important to choose the right company for conducting SEO audits.

SEO Audit Services

A good SEO audit company will conduct a thorough evaluation of your website and identify areas where they can make the most improvements. There are many components that make up a successful SEO audit process and should be reviewed closely by a certified professional. First, the SEO team will conduct a basic website audit to check for errors or outdated information. Next, they will conduct an on-site analysis to assess the progress of each area of improvement. Finally, a report will be completed after evaluating all areas with detailed recommendations on what changes should be made.

After assessing the website’s current state, the next step would be to conduct a page-level analysis. This process would compare the content quality score to the keywords that were used in searching on Google. It also compares the number of times a particular keyword was searched. These two factors are very crucial in the evaluation since the lower the page quality score, the lower the ranking that a particular keyword gets. Thus, the higher the page quality score, the higher the rank that a keyword gets on Google.

During the on-page SEO audit, the SEO Team will be checking for several areas. One important area to focus on would be the on-page elements, which includes title, description, H-Tags, headings, and meta tags. These on-page elements should be scrutinized because there is a huge difference between organic traffic and off-page search engine traffic. Organic traffic is the result of the visitors submitting their keywords to the search engine. On-page elements contribute a lot to organic traffic while off-page search engines mainly consist of paid advertising.

On the other hand, off-page SEO audits are performed to identify problems in the current ranking system. Common problems include duplicate content, non-optimized Alt text, wrong spelling, and poor coding. On the other hand, the content audit is done to identify the current search engines’ criteria for different types of keywords. With this, it will be easier to meet the standards of these search engines. The content audit is also important because it can identify the most effective keywords for the site.

On the other hand, the most common audit is the page-level analysis. Page level analysis focuses more on identifying how changes in the site affect its ranking. By doing so, you will also know the gaps that exist among the competitors. Through this method, you will be able to pinpoint the areas where you can improve your pages and make it better than the rest. In most cases, the content quality analysis requires the use of both analytical tools and technical analysis.

The audit usually requires the use of technical analysis software like the Google Analytics and Overture Webmaster Analytics. By using these tools, you can analyze your web pages and identify the flaws on the site. The major difference between the page-level analysis and technical analysis is that the latter requires extensive research from the experts. Because of this, it will be difficult to perform an in-depth content quality analysis.

The audit services should be able to provide comprehensive solutions for all your problems related to keyword stuffing, broken links, duplicate contents, missing META info, incorrect information, etc. You can rely on them to get rid of all the errors and make your site search engines-friendly. This will also help your website to rank better with the search engines.