Tips To Hiring Content Writers

Content Writing Services is a relatively new category of job which first surfaced during the mid-1990’s, following a sudden increase in internet activity. Content writing primarily aims to give the “written” speech to a web page, summarising exactly what the site is about and presenting what it has to offer to its prospective clients.

In addition to giving the readers an insight into what the site is all about, it also gives more of a “how-to” manual, with detailed explanations of how to go about making the most of the site. Some websites are very simply designed, and as such, the content writer will often have to present the reader with an explanation of how the design works, for example.

Content writers also do a great deal of copywriting. This involves creating articles, press releases and other types of writing material that is not actually “written” but rather “written for”. For example, they may be writing to attract new business to the site, or even to sell advertising space to their potential clients.

It’s often very difficult to gauge whether a content writer is actually doing a good job – you just never know. Many people hire these writers to do these sorts of jobs because they are relatively easy to find and often offer good rates. The problem is that not everyone is as effective as they appear to be on paper. There are a number of signs to look out for when employing a content writer, including:

– Does the writer seem to have a penchant for writing about topics related to the services being offered, rather than those in line with their work at the site, such as blogs or article directories? – Does the writer seem to know nothing about the business? – Does the writer seem to be working with a lack of enthusiasm – is it as if they are just there to fill a gap, rather than trying to really sell the site and its contents?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then you should consider moving onto another content writer, with a more specialized set of skills. You may even want to get a new one to work alongside you, to avoid the possibility of losing out on a potential client.

– A freelance writer who claims to have years of experience writing about your particular niche should always be treated with caution. Most writing services will require that the writer has years of experience and is relatively up to date with current developments in this field. If they seem to not be then you may be better off finding someone with some previous experience.

– It should also be said that there are also some freelance writers who try to take advantage of potential clients by offering a “freelance copywriting” service, offering services such as article writing and press releases, only to disappear as soon as their fee is paid. Make sure that you are aware of the terms of this contract, as there is often a fine line between the two. Make sure the contract clearly spells out the type of work you are receiving, as well as what sort of content they will be providing – something you may need to pay for, or request they use to give the content to you.

– Once you have identified a good content writer, you need to check up on his credentials. Find out if he has won any awards in this area, as well as any testimonials from other writers who have used him in the past. Find out whether his rates include any other charges, such as editing or proofreading. If there are, these costs should always be borne by the client, not the writer.

– There are many writers out there that have been providing content for websites for years, and many that have very limited experience. This is another sign that you should consider finding someone else to work alongside you, as a company, to ensure you have a fresh perspective. If the writer is still using a template for the website – even if he promises he can write content that will stand out from the crowd – then he may not have enough experience to create a unique page that will be attractive to clients.

Finally, check up on the quality of the writing, as this will vary greatly. Check for spelling and grammar errors and ensure that the content you are receiving is well-written and well researched.