What You Should Find Out Before Selecting an SEO Audit Service

An SEO audit is an important process in order for your website to achieve its full SEO potential. This type of service can be used to find any number of issues within your SEO audit such as: site functionality, link structure, title tags, content, and more. However, if you’re just starting out in SEO and need some help getting started, then this article will give you some useful tips on how to create an effective SEO audit. Here’s what you can expect:

SEO Audit Services

First, the SEO audit report will reveal to you where you are currently at. In this case, this would mean analyzing your current SEO results and traffic levels. This is quite different than performing a technical SEO audit with a data-based tool. SEO experts will look at your web analytics report, your internal SEO reports, and online marketing activity, and come up with a complete detailed report with an easy-to-follow action plan on what exactly you should be doing to enhance your SEO rankings, traffic, and conversion rates within 60 days or less.

Second, your SEO audit services specialist will conduct a technical audit. Unlike your basic audit, these audits are more focused on keyword research, backlink analysis, usability, and other important factors. You might think that keywords are all about building links and boosting your search engine ranking! Not quite! Although having lots of backlinks is definitely beneficial for SEO, having low but consistent quality links is just as important, if not more so.

Online businesses owners realize that having a high search engine ranking is only the first step to long-term business success. To ensure you get off to a good start, you must focus on improving your website’s usability and user experience, as well as learn how to increase your conversion rates, which is essentially the amount of visitors you turn into customers. Technical audits help you identify problems with your website’s coding, design, functionality, and other important areas. This action plan will include recommendations on things such as updating your coding to comply with recent standards, obtaining a thorough site audit from a highly reputable firm, and obtaining audits from various outside firms that specialize in SEO and other Internet marketing disciplines.

Third, your SEO audit service will help you determine if you need to make any changes to your current ranking strategy. SEO, like any other area of business, requires constant evaluation and change to remain successful. A high-ranking website needs to be optimized to keep moving up the search engines in order to remain relevant. But a low-ranking website can remain stagnant or fall out of sight if it doesn’t undergo frequent evaluations and updates. Hiring an SEO audit service is the best way to go about ensuring your site ranks well.

Fourth, an SEO audit will often times show you how to save money by making some simple changes that have long lasting impacts. For example, sometimes small things like including a meta description and title tags can drastically increase your search engine rankings. Other times, making small changes to elements such as URL, headers, title, h1 tags, and other important meta data can make a huge difference. And then there are the big picture issues such as building link popularity and improving internal linking structure. Both of these actions alone can have a dramatic effect on your ranking, even when they may not seem like the most important factors.

Lastly, your SEO audit report should clearly explain any findings that result in changes to your strategy or website. If you discover that you are missing key components, such as keywords, your SEO audit report should explain how you can add them back. Likewise, if you find that keywords you are using are outdated, or no longer highly searched for, you should discuss strategies for replacing them.

SEO audit services will help you achieve all of these goals. If you do decide to go with an outside provider, be sure to understand their methods and any guarantees they make. Also, be sure to ask the provider if they guarantee their results and make that guarantee specific to your business type and industry. Finally, find out what the cost will be so you know whether you can afford it. A great SEO audit service will offer a free initial meeting, but will most likely charge a fee based on the results of that meeting.